Our Services

Our Services

Access Staintons provides a professional access audit and consultancy service to assist consideration of access to services and buildings, assessing obstacles to people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments, and advising on solutions and recommended work.

Our approach is towards “Inclusivity” so that enjoyment can be achieved by everyone, and by considering disabled access issues, gaining spin-off advantages and maximum cost benefit.

A balance has to be considered between the needs of disabled people, and the reasonableness of adjustments to be made by the service provider.

To the service provider, our advice enables them to consider legal obligation, under the DDA, how to approach reasonable physical adjustments to achieve disabled access and comply with, Approved Part M of the Building Regulations, BS8300 and other associated Regulations and Codes of Practice (see Access Requirements). A service provider may also be looking towards best practice on access issues, beyond minimum standards. Operational and organsiational approaches are also advised upon.

Our service can take the form of :

1. Advice on a specific access issue

2. Preparing and advising on Access Strategy & Action Plan

3. Full access audit report – What is an access audit ?

Our small “family” team ensures a consistency of approach, quality of advice, and reporting in a flexible format, so as to ensure that the document is valuable to the clients particular requirements. In regard to larger projects, we add to our team other consultant members of the National Register of Access Consultants, who work to Access Staintons high standards.

4. Follow up advice on implementation of work, including directing towards availability of auxiliary aids and access products, and project management.

5. “Walk & Talk” Access Audit – how does this differ from a full access audit?

6. Access appraisal of development plans, and schemes prior to construction and liaison with other professionals and developers to ensure delivery of accessible design

7. Specialist assistance including access audits, in formulating bids for funding as part of a required Access Action Plan, or assisting planning applications

8. Preparation of Access Statements to assist with applications under revised Planning Code and Part M Building Regulations, May 2004.

9. Expert witness submissions and evidence in litigation on access issues

10. Training – David Stainton is licensed with Disability Rights Commission to deliver its training resource on Disability and Access Awareness. We also have devised our own Access Awareness course directed specifically at designers, facilities managers, and operators, titled “The Obstacle Course”

11. Added value to clients for whom we issue access reports in the way of our accompanying Access Design Guides and Sketches on environmental access elements, and Access Guidance Notes on organisational and attitudinal issues, regularly updated to reflect changing regulations, and thinking on access design.

Access Audits, Consultancy and Training services for service provision and employers include :

• Training Centres and Offices

• Leisure and Community

• Sports Stadia

• Theatres and Places of Entertainment

• Parks and External Facilities

Public Buildings

• Historic and Stately Homes

• Educational Institutions

• Hospitals and Primary Health Care

• Hospitality, Catering, Licensed & Visitor Attractions

• Museums and Libraries

• Retail Shopping